How To Take Good Pictures Of Yourself For Instagram

Who doesn’t want to be an Instagram Influencer? Seriously, come on! You get to travel all over the world for free, get brands to send you free stuff, and even get paid thousands of dollars just to post one picture on your Instagram account. Seems like a pretty easy magical life.

While Instagram Influencers are here to stay there are very few that can command this type of treatment, gifts, and rates. It takes a long time and a lot of hard work to build up an Instagram account to this level. Regardless of where your account currently is on its journey, all influencer accounts start by taking amazing photos. Without the amazing, carefully crafted images that really stand out and pop that stop people from scrolling to actually take a moment to look at the image, these accounts wouldn’t be worth anything. So how do you take amazing Instagram photos that will help grow your followers? Here are some tips that everyone can implement that can bring a simple normal photo to a “wow”-scroll-stopping photo:

Don’t Take Photos Using The Instagram App

The camera on your phone is way better and has a lot more settings and features. You might think they are the same thing since they are both on your phone, but your regular camera phone allows you to do a lot more when taking a photo like zooming and setting exposures.

Think About Your Composition

Influencers don’t take just one perfect photo magically. You only see the one amazing photo, but you’re not seeing the hundreds that were discarded. Think about how to frame the photo before you take it. What could make this picture look more interesting? Try using unique angles or putting objects in the foreground to create some depth to your image. You want users to feel like they are in the photo with you, so you want the composition to make it easy for them to fit into your world. Make it feel personal.

Hire a Photographer

Selfie sticks are annoying and it’s always obvious that you were using a selfie stick when looking at the photo. Some of the best influencer photos show the person in an aspirational setting – away from the camera. So you either need to get really good about using the self timer and a makeshift tripod (which will get very tedious when constantly taking photos) or … Read the rest


Latest Technologies in the Field of Accident Reconstruction

National Biomechanics Institute in a distinguished biomechanics advising firm located in Los Angeles, California. They are best known for there ability to evaluate and conclude the causes of injuries throughout personal injury and legal litigation. They are also known for open-mindedness to the research development, honesty, civility, and responsibility to offering the best business for their clients. They typically do this through there accident reconstruction specialists.
Accident reconstruction includes the forensics of detailed rhetorical examinations and evaluations of motor vehicle personal injuries.
The process includes vehicle investigation, inspection, and notes of the scene, reviewing reports, assessing images on the accident, and performing calculations. By evaluating the vehicles before, during, and after the accident they are able to calibrate its direction of impact, the acceleration of the vehicle, and the change in momentums, along with the extortion.
Some of the latest technologies used in this field are:

  • EDR (Event Data Recorder)
  • Drones
  • Luminance Meters
  • Tribometer
  • Photogrammetry
  • I.DRR
  • Faro (3D) Scanner
  • Virtual Crash
  • Force Testing
  • 3D Motor Analysis
  • Helmet Testing
  • PC Crash
  • Anatomical Models
  • ATD Testing ( Anthroprometric Test Devices or Crash Test Dummies)

Through the utilization of applied science National Biomechanics Institute is able to access the data for the vehicle from the black box or the on board computer. They can also produce reproduction of an accident and make a 3D prototype of the sight. The dwellers can be analyzed from the MADYMO software package and the tribometer is used to test for resistance. They also assess potential intellectual trauma through helmet testing ,assess illumination through the luminance meter, and perception-reaction time through the I.DRR systems. National Biomechanics Institute also has privileged rights to medical software which allows for a summarized medical record evaluation with the tap of a button.
They continue to conduct research and testing to stay up to date with the best, most recent scientific technology. The rapid response team is readily available to be present at an accident at the time of or shortly after the accident occurs. Their finding and feedback provide clients with useful information that helps the client make an informed decision on what steps to take next.… Read the rest