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People at work
Barn Scene - Late 1800s-Early 1900s Barn of Nathaniel Alton of Wood Co.
Barrackville Coal Miners - Bill Flynn & Elsie Vincent in old Marion County photo
Brooke, Sarah & Grace - 1910 photo at Elkins logging camp - Randolph County
Brooke, William - Group photo of Swedish timber camp - 1910
Coal Mine Kids - Young men with horse inside the coal mines
Coal Miners - Unknown Miners inside the mine
Cattle - Unknown man working cattle with yoke
Cattle team - Cattle in yoke pulling a lumber wagon - Rosedale, WV
Delivery truck - Old brewing company photo in Grafton, WV
Hay stacks - Large group putting up hay with horses.
Horse Pull - 1959 at Bunners Ridge Fair - Marion County
Horse Team - Unknown people with horses & wagon
Masontown Road crew - 1930s - Building a new road in Monongalia County
Mail by horse - Early 1900s mail delivery by horse & buggy
Milking cow - Hulda Bolyard milking her cow
Monongah Mine - Unknown miners at this Marion County Mine
Postal Workers - 6 unidentified rural mail carriers in Fairmont - 1907
Postmaster's Office - 1907 Fairmont Postmaster - Marion County
Pole set - Crew hand setting a pole
Pride, Pearl (Vangilder) - 2 ladies quilting, (L-R) Pearl Pride, Mary Donaldson
Railroad crew - Parkersburg, Jackson County
Railroad workers - 8 1/2 men working on the RR in Preston County
Unknown Coal Miners - Preston County


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