Dolly Sods wilderness area is located near Canaan Valley State Park and a bit farther to Black Water Falls State Park in Tucker County. The road is accessible by car (Summer & Fall season), although the gravel road is a little rough. There are miles of hiking trails and stunning scenery along the way. Be sure to pack drinks and something to eat as there is no stores on the mountain.
This photo was taken on the Northern end of Dolly Sods area, called "Bear Rocks". The huckleberries turn beautiful crimson red during September and October.
This is a view (looking Northeast toward Grant County) of Bear Rocks. The Sandstone is almost white. Blueberries and Huckleberries cover the ground during mid-summer offering visitors some excellent snacks!
This is another view from the ridge line along Dolly Sods. The area is 10,000+ acres of hiking and sightseeing.
Summer daisies showing off in the wilderness area.

Dolly Sods is famous for some pretty tough weather. Since the mountain range is somewhere around 4,000' above sea level, it recieves a constant wind (as this Red Spruce shows) and a good deal of rain and snow. Be sure to pack warm clothing (just in case) - even in July!


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Located in and near Tucker County - Includes Red Creek, Dolly Sods, Canaan Valley State Park & Blackwater Falls State Park, Davis & Thomas.