Cool Springs Park is located along Rt. 50 in Preston County. The park sets about 1/2 mi west of the Rt 72 - Rt 50 intersection. Rt. 72 Runs from Parsons through Rowlesburg and into Kingwood. A drive along Rt. 72 provides great views of the Cheat River. Rt. 50 & 72 are popular routes for motorcyle riding.
Before the Interstate highways, people traveling used State Routes. For years the stores along these routes counted on travelers (tourism) to earn a living. Since the routes have been nearly abandoned by travelers now, there are only a fraction of West Virginia owned stores in business.
Cool Springs still has a restaurant and a nice assortment of just about everything for the camper & fisherman. Mostly though, it offers travelers a chance to stretch their legs & get a drink while out for a drive.
Oh, you might also run into "Princess" and "Bambi" while walking around the park!

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updated : April 6, 2005