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Genealogist's - welcome to our Cemetery Section.

WVPics cemetery section has a database of over 7,500 names in 30 cemeteries. Our goal is to make information available for those doing genealogy research in West Virginia. We have many old family photos from all over the State of West Virginia. I hope this helps with your genealogy search! Remember : If you can submit an old photo or send a transcribed cemetery. it may help someone else find a lost relative. Thanks...

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West Virginia Cemeteries at :
Ballah - Marion Co.
Judy - Pendleton Co.
Mt. Zion - Marion Co.
Barrackville - Marion Co.
Lake / Poe- Marion Co
Nuzum - Marion Co.
Bluemont - Taylor Co.
Linn Family - Marion Co
Pride - Marion Co.
Bunner - Marion Co.
Malone - Marion Co
Rogers - Taylor Co.
Catawba - Marion Co.
McConkey - Taylor Co.
Rogers - Marion Co.
Clermont - Marion Co.
Meadowdale - Marion Co.
Samuel Linn - Marion County
Galliher Family - Marion Co.
Merryfield - Marion Co.
Swearinger - Marion Co.
Glady Creek - Marion Co.
Montana Mines - Marion Co
Vincent - Marion Co.
Hayhurst - Marion Co.
Mt. Harmony - Marion Co.
Hatfield - Boone Co.
Hoult - Marion Co
Mt. Nebo - Marion Co.
Memory gardens - Boone Co.

Pride History book. 250+ Images. Includes: Pride, VanGilder, Satterfield, Robe,Carpenter and many more... From the 1870's to present day. Many photos of people buried in the Pride cemetery.

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Use this Date Calculator if you know when someone died and how many Years, Months & days they lived. This calculates the date a person was born.
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